Monday, October 18, 2010

Entry - 2 Merna

Merna grew up often deep in thought about who she was. Yet, she had much to learn about herself as she continued to grow. Merna was an average girl, with the usual problems everyone has. She wasn't fat, but she wasn't skinny either. Unlike most girls, she would have a tendency to over-think things, which made her an anxious person over the years. Sometimes it didn't help that she was living on the moon. She would catalog each day for future memory. Each day was captured like a detailed image. Sometimes she could remember scenes of her past. She recalls a passage of time like a diary.

 "Sometimes I have trouble expressing my feelings. Well, okay, I bottle things up a lot. Everyone does it to a certain degree. I'm just... really good at it. I guess you could say I'm anxious, but then again I can't tell the difference. I look to my friends to help define who I am and how I want to be. I'm 15 already, a Sophomore now. No longer fresh meat, thank god."

Merna wrote feverishly in her Journal, unable to write as fast as she could think. She began to feel her wrist cramp as the faster she wrote the harder she pressed the pen to the paper. After about a half an hour of writing in her journal she finally decided to give her hand a rest, and make herself a cup of sweet tea.

"God, Sundays are so boring, there's nothing to do in this place." She thought as she started the tea kettle.
"What is it that I like to do that I can do for free?" She sighed. "I think I'll play guitar or draw or something, definitely not going to do homework. At least not yet..." She opened the cupboard looking for her favorite teabags, but the box was empty.
No response. "She must be in hibernation.." She said walking towards the cooler compartment. The home was cramped and pod-like. All the homes built on this land resembled honey combs in a beehive meticulously spaced to maximize productivity. Space was limited here, unlike the resources. This was a military community founded on the surface of our moon over 50 years ago by NASA. It was linked by satellite with the neighboring terraformed communities as well as the homeland's NASA headquarters.

Merna settled on making hot cocoa, and made her way back to her living quarters. By normal standards her room, let alone the entire house, was very small. Her bed was part of the wall, she had to crawl into it like a compartment every night. Inside its housing unit there was a light fixture on the occasion she would read before bed. At least it was tall enough for her to sit up. She lays there now sipping on her hot cocoa with freeze dried marshmallows, staring into the darkness wondering what she could be doing for amusement.

"I guess I'll just call one of my friends or something" She thought to herself as she took the last swig of her cocoa. She grabbed her cellphone off the shelf inside her sleeping unit and started going through her contacts...She settled on her friends Keefe, and Nita. She sent them both a message.

There was no response from Nita, which was common. At least one friend responded.

"Whats up?" Keefe replied.
"Nothing much, just bored. :) Hows you?" She replied.
"Studying for the midterm. I didn't write notes so I have to do a cram session before tomorrow." 
"Oh, that sucks. :3 Need help studying?" 
"No, I'm fine. I'll see you at school. Ttyl."
"Ok ttyl. Baii <3" 

Merna was pleased to talk to Keefe even if the conversation was short. Now that he would no longer respond, she decided to do her homework. By the time she completed it, it was already late. She changed into her pajamas and crawled into bed. She liked to think a lot before she slept. She fell unconscious thinking of him and his splendor.

Merna was awakened early in the morning by a text message. It was from Keefe.
"Morning Rise and shine!"

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